As a rule, Arte Mundit® is applied in a spraying procedure. For smaller areas, the product can also be applied with a brush. The following steps tell you exactly how the product should be used:

  • Loose dust and material is removed first with a vacuum cleaner; gilded and varnished areas as well as decorative metal work should be protected.
  • For the types of Arte Mundit® that have two components (types II, III and V), make sure the  components are thoroughly mixed. Arte Mundit® type I and Arte Mundit® Eco are single component products.
  • The product is applied by spray or brush to the dry surface as a continuous film.
  • Arte Mundit® needs approximately 24 hours to dry and polymerize (i.e. cure; in warm, dry conditions, shorter action times are possible).
  • The cured product is carefully peeled off. If necessary, the surface can then be wiped off with a slightly damp sponge to remove remaining, loosened soil deposits that did not bond to the film.

Application rate:

  • on flat surfaces: 0.143 – 0.205 lbs/ft² (0,7 – 1,0 kg/m²)
  • on carved surfaces: 0.205 – 0.614 lbs/ft² (1,0 – 3,0 kg/m²)

Video application Arte Mundit