Arte Mundit®Eco

Now a fifth type was added to the range of Arte Mundit® products, an environmentally friendly cleaning paste based on natural raw materials. This new product, which goes by the name of Arte Mundit® Eco, is a self-vulcanising cleaning paste for dry and thorough removal of dust, soot, films of dirt and other soiling on walls, ceilings, floors, stucco, natural stone, concrete, brick, render, marble and akoustolith tiles and all other water resistant surfaces. Arte Mundit® Eco is equally suitable for indoor as well as outdoor areas. It does not contain any volatile neutralization agents that could contaminate room air and is formulated to provide long-term protection against infestation with moss and algae. Arte Mundit® Eco is free of EDTA, inorganic salts, surface-active ingredients and organic solvents.