Arte Mundit®

Arte Mundit® is a dry cleansing paste suitable for interior cleaning, to remove pollution and dust from all kinds of supports: to remove dust, soot, nicotine deposit and other pollution from interior walls, ceilings, floors, stucco, natural stone, marble, concrete, bricks, plaster, gypsum statues, etc.
At first, four different variations of Arte Mundit® were available for the different substrates and degrees of pollution. The difference lies in the concentration of cleaning-active components and a chelate-forming agent to improve the removal of dirt. All Arte Mundit® types contain almost no ammonia (< 0,005 %). During the application, the ammonia will evaporate immediately and therefore will have no harmful influence on the treated surface. Arte Mundit® type II, III and V contain a variable concentration of complexes. The mixture contains a number of additives necessary to ensure the long term stability, to adapt the cure time to the specific working conditions. None of these chemical additives can react on the surface, they evaporate during the cure process or are attached in the dry film. The selection of the correct type of Arte Mundit® (I, II, III or V) depends on the substrate as well as the type and intensity of soiling and should always be verified on small test areas.