A large number of cleaning techniques have been and still are developed for the cleaning of historic facades. Starting with dry and wet sand blasting, over the use of chemicals, high and low pressure jets, “gommage” and rotation whirl systems to finally laser cleaning are all techniques. None of these systems are systematically used for large scale cleaning of interiors of historic buildings: either too much water has to be used, which causes damage to the interior (parquet flooring, furniture...) or too much dust is generated. The only technique useful to clean interiors on large scale and at a reasonable price up to now consists in the use of EDTA packs.
A development in interior cleaning is the introduction of peelable poultices for removing superficially adhering dust. The product that was developed by FTB-Remmers, Arte Mundit®, is based on a specially formulated natural latex dispersion. During the evaporation of the water, the polymer is transformed into an elastic film, which adheres slightly to the surface. This film can easily be removed mechanically, without the use of water. As all mechanically adhering dust sticks in the film, the removal of the last results in a cleaned surface.